Born from passion and dedication, Pure Glass has been at the apex of the glass crafting culture over the last decade. Established since 2012, we still love what we do and come to our Los Angeles-based glass design studio each day with a natural drive to create. Our creative vision shifts over time so we can give you the most relevant styles, but our main goal is to create classics that live beyond fast trends. Pure Glass pieces are always unique yet recognizable; an aesthetically-pleasing design that compliments the functionality of each piece is our objective. From our family here at Pure Glass, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your session!


Pure Glass is an artisanal glass company inspired by the spirit and culture of Los Angeles. Dedicated to providing premium glassware for the cannabis culture, Pure Glass is known for its iconic smooth etch glassware. Our glass blowers devote their skills and precision into their craft to create pieces that are designed to look amazing aesthetically and work even better scientifically. From warehouse manager to graphic artist; our company lives, works and plays in Los Angeles, California.


We always strive to give you a little bit of SoCal in every piece we produce, as it is part of who we are. Colorful desert sands and lush, hot beaches are what make Southern California so magnificent. Pure Glass aims to unite these elements with the creativity that LA fosters to produce exceptionally crafted glass for everyone. Always inspired by the beauty of our surroundings, we put careful thought into each design we produce. Every piece is created individually by veteran glass blowers, some with over 30 years' experience, as we are sincerely genuine about our dedication to craftsmanship.